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The Downbeat: Derrick Favors is working hard this offseason

Don’t look now, but Derrick Favors is looking good.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Seven Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I found this piece by Dan Feldman from NBC sports pretty interesting, and although I am still excited for this season, it pretty matches how I feel about Hayward's departure. The only thing I don't agree with is the "D+" final grade he assessed but I understand the criteria he used.

The Jazz traded up to draft a player who is already exceeding expectations. But they lost Gordon Hayward. The Jazz made a savvy trade to land a starter before free agency even began. But they lost Gordon Hayward. The Jazz executed several nice value signings. But they lost Gordon Hayward.

In what was otherwise a smart offseason, there’s just no way around Utah losing Hayward a 27-year-old star at the critical wing position.

What do you think as a fan? Obviously if we're being honest with ourselves we didn't want a player like that to leave, but are you over it now? Or do you think we are in some serious trouble this year?

It looks like Epke Udoh might be replacing Boris Diaw as the mildly eccentric, glue guy for the team this year. Not that I don't think he'll be productive on the court but I just love having a player on the team that seems to fully embrace being in Utah. I think that is important for morale. Anyway, I hope we get some awesome pictures from him too #nightlife.

Derrick Favors really impresses me with his attitude. I am glad that the Jazz haven't give up on him yet. I think they are giving him this year to come back and prove himself and I hope I speak for every Jazz fan out there when I say that there is no one on the team I am pulling for personally more than him(with the exception of maybe Alec Burks). Plus, I think if he can be his old self this year, we will miss Gordon Hayward a lot less than anticipated.

Donovan Mitchell has really impressed so far, but I find it amusing that players get so into NBA 2K18. Now I like a good NBA 2K18 session as much as the next person but this tweet makes me laugh because he says he has been "waiting for this my whole life". At least it's lighthearted and it's a way for the players to talk trash to each, which I like to see.

On another note, a double dose of lightheartedness for the dog days of August are these Stockton and Malone gems. We are never getting players like Stockton and Malone again and it's for that reason that it's fun to go back and reminisce about the "good old days".

Plus some of trivia in these video's even I didn't know.


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