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The Downbeat: Joe Ingles’ destiny

Could Joe Ingles end his career somewhere other than with the Utah Jazz?

NBL Media Opportunity Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

Will Joe Ingles finishing his career somewhere other than the Utah Jazz? Perhaps. Let’s get this Downbeat started.

We recently found out the Utah Jazz will play the Sydney Kings of Australia in a preseason game. While discussing the game, Ingles had something to say about the end of his career.

Is Joe Ingles pandering to Australian media? Probably. But I for one am incredibly sensitive right now to the mere mention of Jazz players leaving. Is it realistic for me to consider Joe Ingles playing for the Jazz until he’s at least 47? No, it’s not. But I choose to believe in a future where Joe Ingles is always a part of the Utah Jazz in some way. It’s destiny, right? RIGHT!?

Perhaps Ingles will not return to Australia because of this.

This appears to be some sort of attempted murder of Joe. I am offended, Australia. Very offended!

Ian Clark has found a new home.

Shams Charania, arch nemesis to the Wizard Woj, reported that Ian Clark (close friend of Rudy Gobert and NBA Champion) has signed a one year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Personally, I’m happy for Ian to find another contract in the NBA. He’s a great guy that brings legitimate skill to any team he signs for. Keep it up, Ian, we’re rooting for you here at the Dunk!

Former Jazz draft pick, Marcus Paige, has found a new home.

Paige showed promise while playing for the Salt Lake City Stars last season where he averaged 12.1 points, 2.3 assists and 2.2 rebounds. Good work, Marcus, here’s to hoping you upgrade that deal with the Hornets next season.

Finally, with it being the middle of August and no basketball going on, I wanted to let you know we’re going to do a facebook live Q&A every week. We’ll announce when they’re going to happen. The plan is for the first one this friday. So if you haven’t liked the SLC Dunk Facebook page, get to it!

For this first show, let me know in the comments what questions you have about the Utah Jazz? We’ll cover everything this friday. Come and talk with me about the Jazz!