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[Audio] The SLC Punks Podcast: Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas, All-Time Jazz and Crown Burger

Has the Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas Trade been cancelled?

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Reports from Adrian Wojnarowski are saying that the Cleveland Cavaliers are still evaluating Isaiah Thomas after his blockbuster trade with Kyrie Irving. We discuss what is going on at this point and what the ramifications are for the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The new Utah Jazz arena has made some significant improvements, especially in the food department. Vivint Arena now now will host some amazing local delights. But then why does Mylo hate Crown Burger?

We then discuss the NBA 2K18 All-Time Jazz team and what we thought of their choices. Did they get it right with the Utah Jazz? Is Gordon Hayward better than Andrei Kirilenko? Boston fans won't be happy with the results.

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