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[Audio] The SLC Punks Podcast: NBA 2K player models, ESPN team projections and the 4th Uniform

Why does NBA 2K hate the Utah Jazz?

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The NBA 2K player models are slowly being released and it's clear which teams Ronnie 2k hates and loves. Kevin Pelton released his win projections, based off of RPM, and the Utah Jazz come out at 44 wins. Is that too high or low? Finally, we talk about the 4th Utah Jazz uniform and what it will look like, as well as the entire NBA’s new uniforms.

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0:00 NBA 2K player models hate the Jazz.

11:12 Pelton Projections, where are the Jazz?

13:30 Playoff seeding needs to change.

20:36 How many games will the Jazz win?

27:26 Projected starting lineup could be different than what you think.

34:00 Ricky Rubio speaks!

42:00 Love for Donovan Mitchell.

45:00 How do we get Kevin Love?

53:05 Where do the Jazz go from here?

57:08 4th uniform details.