Offseason game

We all know this is the slow point of the year when it comes to basketball. Almost nothing is going on, so we have to get our fix from anywhere we can. So I've decided to post a game for us to play.

Pick your all-time starting 5 for any given team

Here are the rules:

  1. Players had to have at least three years with the team (so Kirilenko can't be considered for Minnesota in this exercise)
  2. Try to stay close to the traditional position the player had (so no putting Magic at power forward, he was a guard for the vast majority of his career)
  3. New comments have to be a team no one has done before. If you disagree with someone else's picks, then you have to reply to that person and give your starting 5 for that team.
  4. Everyone's reasoning is valid. You can pick your team based on stats, likeability, fit with other players, or any other reason. Feel free to ask why a person picked player A over player B, but don't criticize.

To make things a little more difficult, I'm going to do the Jazz (which means you all have to pick some other team)

Jazz All-Time Starting 5:

PG: John Stockton - No other option here, he's the best.

SG: Pete Maravich - This could be questioned since he only played 17 games in Utah, but he spent 6 seasons with the Jazz. The only other option here would be Jeff Hornacek.

SF: Adrian Dantley - He was a 6'5 post player who led the league in scoring on several occasions and is in the Hall of Fame. Runners up would be Andrei Kirilenko and Gordon Hayward.

PF: Karl Malone - Again, no other option. Malone was a 2x MVP and the best ever at his position league wide, not just with the Jazz.

C: Mark Eaton - 2x DPoY, 5x all-defense, All-time league leader in blocks per game. Rudy Gobert and Mehmet Okur both have arguments for being here, but they don't have the accomplishments. (Though I expect Rudy to take this spot in another two or three years)

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.