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Utah Jazz unveil Nike Association and Icon Jerseys

We have our first official look at the Utah Jazz’s primary jersey set from Nike.


The Utah Jazz revealed their Association and Icon Jerseys this morning. While not a lot of big changes happened with the uniforms their were some small tweaks.


Last year’s uniforms featured an updated word font with the patented custom numbers with angles cut at a 66 degree angle like the Utah Jazz’s note logo. It appears those are untouched and the side striping is untouched. However, the collar has been refined with only one color, blue, instead of multiple colors. And there’s now the 5 For the Fight logo and the Nike logo. The website indicates that the Utah tramp stamp on the butt is gone. REJOICE!


Same thing applies with the blue jerseys. The collar color is now solid gold instead of a white trim with it.

What’s to come

There was a hint of what’s to come—namely, the gold and Moab Orange jerseys. Take a look at the marketing.

The Fall 2017 jersey will be inspired by the athlete’s mindset. Hello, gold. They want a championship. Gold.

The Winter 2017 jersey will be inspired by the community. As we have confirmed here on the dunk, these jerseys will be the Orange ones. Moab. Nature. Hello Moab Orange gradient jerseys highlighting Utah’s Natural Beauty.