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[Audio] SLC Punks Podcast: Utah Jazz training camp preview

What to expect from the Utah Jazz at training camp

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On this episode of the SLC Punks podcast we look forward to Utah Jazz training camp and asked ourselves everything we could think of to preview the season. This was also recorded before the Carmelo Anthony trade so it might have altered how we view the Northwest Division. What would your answers be to the questions below?

What player is going to surprise?

What player is not going to meet expectations?

Who is the Jazz’s MVP not named Rudy Gobert?

The Jazz will make the playoffs if ________.

The Jazz will tank for the lottery if _________.

The Utah Jazz will trade _______ or trade for ______ at the deadline.

Who will be going to All-Star Weekend?

What’s your most anticipated arena addition?

What is your record prediction?

The Jazz will finish ____ in the Northwest division.

The Jazz will finish ____ in the Western Conference.

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