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The Downbeat: Rudy Gobert’s Contract Incentives

Rudy Gobert doesn’t need much more motivation, but his contract incentives might give him even more.

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz - Game Three
Stifle Tower has added incentive to crush the league
Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

What a crazy weekend. Carmelo Anthony was traded to OKC, Dwyane Wade was bought out, and Donovan Mitchell made some of us imagine him in a backcourt with Damian Lillard. On to the downbeat!

Rudy Gobert is a self-motivated man, but added external motivation can’t hurt. Luke Adams at Hoops Rumors went through Rudy’s special incentives.

Rudy Gobert‘s extension with the Jazz, which goes into effect this year, pays him an extra $1MM if he’s named to the All-Star team (not as a replacement), plus an extra $750K for making an All-Defensive team and meeting certain rebounding criteria. Another unusual incentive in Gobert’s deal? He makes an extra $250K if his defensive rating is below 100.

Hoops rumors touched on a few of the more interesting contract incentives for 17-18. Gobert’s incentives are interesting. Go check it out.

Zach Lowe gave his take on the NBA’s most intriguing players for 2017-18, and Utah’s own Rodney Hood made the cut. One area in particular where Hood can improve:

About 30 percent of Hood's shots came in the floater zone between 3 and 16 feet from the rim, a share that ranked in the 90th percentile among wing players, according to research from Ben Falk of Cleaning the Glass. Trade a few of those for drives and 3s, and Utah will have something. Hood could average 20 per game this season, but will they be the kind of points that lead to winning?

The entire article is worth a read. Seriously, go read it.

Ricky Rubio, our Spanish Samurai, is amped up and ready for this season to start. He seems more motivated than ever.

Let’s hope Dennis Lindsey’s aggressive trade pays off. Rubio may finally be the point guard Utah has been searching for.

Speaking of Rubio, Dennis Lindsey’s trade for him is looking better and better.

Dennis Lindsey is a wizard sent from the future.

With all the blockbuster trades, free agent signings, and star players moving to new teams, this is easily the craziest NBA offseason I can remember. What about you fine SLC Dunkers? What’s NBA offseason stands out among the rest?