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Dante Exum feeling “very confident” about season

Dante Exum talks about his offseason progress.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

No one needs to remind Dante Exum that his NBA career has been disappointing up until this point. While the Aussie phenom has shown flashes, his career thus far has been interrupted by injuries and learning curves as the now 22 year old had to adjust from high school to the NBA. Despite all of that, Dante Exum says he feels “very confident at the moment.”

This past offseason was actually Dante’s first full offseason to work on his game without having to rehab since ... well ... ever. His first offseason in the NBA was filled with pre-draft workouts, combines, summer leagues, and learning a new Jazz offense. The following offseason he had a knee injury that kept him out of his entire second season then spent the next offseason finishing his rehab. So what has Dante been up to this offseason?

His offense.

Dante Exum acknowledged that many people ceded the midrange and 3 point shot to him because they knew he wanted to get to the basket and could with his speed. So they would play off of him and require him to shoot.

“[My] emphasis this summer was the pull-up,” Dante said. “A lot of the time guys know I like to drive so they would give me space.”

If you are one of the many who follow Dante on Instagram you might have noticed one of his many workout videos he posted. He’s been putting in work and is beginning to look a lot different than the 18 year old that entered the league almost 4 years ago.

This offseason Dante got to workout and scrimmage against other NBA players in Los Angeles. Dante said this helped fuel his competitive fire and got him more of the mentality of winning every possession.

Dante Exum said he has the goal of being a starter. This year more than any he’d have to really earn that position. With a talented veteran in Ricky Rubio slotted for that starting role, Dante would have to show the type of improvement that is reserved for Most Improved Player Award winners. Can he do that this year? We’re hoping so.