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Alec Burks is “back to himself”

Alec Burks is ready to proclaim that he’s injury free and ready to produce for the Utah Jazz.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Alec Burks feels like himself for the first time in a long time. Ever since his injury back in December of 2015 at the hands of Paul Pierce, Alec hasn’t been the same player. Battling injuries and after effects of that nasty fall, Burks has felt like a shadow of his former self. But not anymore.

“This is the first time I felt like myself since I took that fall that December night,” says Alec Burks.

Injuries and tribulations have a way of changing a person mentally and this road back to health was no different for Burks. “It made me mature as a man and player, says Burks. “Nothing was ever handed to me.”

Before Burks had that fateful injury he had been averaging 13 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists and looked ready to take the next step. Many talked about how he was the lone perimeter player on the Utah Jazz roster who could create his own shot. He looked like he had a scorer’s mentality.

When asked what he thought about Rudy Gobert’s development he seemed to almost allude to his erratic playing time by the hands of Ty Corbin. “He matured a lot, got stronger,” Burks said. “He got so much experience at a young age that will prepare him for the future.”

Was Burks angry that Hayward left? Not really.

“He made the best decision he could make as a player.”

Will Burks finally make his return. Is the truly the year of the Return of AB? If Alec is truly back to himself then it very well could be. As Alec put it, “Health is wealth in this league.”