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The Downbeat: We’re talking about practice!

The Utah Jazz had their first practice of the 2017-18 season

NBA: Utah Jazz-Media Day Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It’s back, it’s finally back. Jazz practice. We made it through a tumultuous summer and I’m beyond excited to start dissecting quotes from real, tangible, actual practices. Let’s get started with the Wednesday downbeat!

Donovan Mitchell spoke to media after practice and had a lot to say about his first official practice as a Jazzman.

My first impression is how easy it is to root for our promising new rookie. His personality shines every time he speaks to the media. My favorite thing he shared was how the Jazz focused on “fast-paced basketball.” Seeing more buckets in transition this season would be a welcome sight.

Head Coach Quin Snyder also spoke with media after practice.

Quin is always great to listen to. “What we worked on was defense...we spent the majority of practice reminding ourselves of who we are defensively.” He then mentions their other strength, depth. “When you have depth you figure out how to use that depth whether that be defensively or getting out and scoring off our defense.”

It makes a lot of sense that the Jazz run more this season. Even though Gordon Hayward left, the depth is still there. And with so many players on this team with the ability to both defend and steal the ball, it’s easy to envision them creating a lot of transition offense. Is it gameday yet!?

The Jazz signed free agent Taylor Braun.

This puts the training camp roster at 20 and is likely a signing to both help prepare the team for the season, but also bolster the Stars roster.

The Utah Jazz unveiled their new arena and I walked through it and it’s incredible. Possibly the best parts of the unveiling was listening to Gail Miller talk about how important the Jazz, and Utah, are to her. She cares about the Jazz more than any of us and her emotions are real. Jazz fans can rest assured that this team will be a part of this city forever. Thank goodness for Gail Miller and all she’s done this team and this community.

Dwyane Wade decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It will be interesting to see how Wade fits and what his role will be. A reunion with Lebron James could be very interesting in the east and gives the Cavaliers another weapon to ensure victory over the Boston Celtics again this season.