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The Downbeat: Is Ricky Rubio the next star for the Utah Jazz?

Ricky Rubio is crushing it in Eurobasket, can he do it in the NBA?

Ricky Rubio

There’s basketball being played. It’s time for your Wednesday downbeat.

Spain has been winning it’s games in Fiba Eurobasket behind brilliant play from Ricky Rubio. He’s been exceptional and Utah Jazz fans should be excited for him to bring that level of play back to the NBA next season.

Don’t believe me? Watch his shooting and passing. Yes, the defense in some of these games is suspect, but that jump shot is looking great. If Rubio can keep defenses honest with good shooting, his passing is going to tear opposing defenses apart.

Can we also start talking about possible nicknames for Ricky Rubio’s new look? To me, he looks like a PnR samurai slicing through the defense. That’s why, me personally, I will be calling him Ronin Ricky Rubio. What do you guys think we should call Rubio with his samurai style?

Another day, another Instagram of Derrick Favors putting in work. This time it was with more Utah Jazz players.

Early a.m grind

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I love seeing the camaraderie and hard work from these guys. The dedication to being ready for the season is impressive. Favors’ leadership is really shining through.

Some of the Utah Jazz players also traveled to San Diego, probably to train. If there’s anything I’m learning from this team, is they are working as hard as they can to prepare for this season. October 2nd is less than a month away!