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5 Things Joe Johnson’s First Instagram Post Since 2015 Shows Us

Joe Johnson’s Biennial Instagram post reveals some cool details about the upcoming Utah Jazz season.

Joe Johnson’s Instagram

Joe Johnson Instagram posts are like iPhone announcements; they happen about once every year and even though most of the juicy details have been leaked to the press weeks ahead of time, it’s still exciting to see how it all comes together. This latest Joe Johnson post shows us most of the squad of the Utah Jazz and there’s 5 interesting details that we can glean from it.

1. Check out the almost full roster of the Utah Jazz

Great! Week of Work Fellas...

A post shared by JOE JOHNSON (@joejohnson247) on

This picture has everyone on the Utah Jazz roster save Rudy Gobert (who is probably still signing copies of NBA2K18 in France) and Ricky Rubio (who is playing in EuroBasket). It’s not just the mainstays of the roster either. It includes Eric Griffin who is a 2 way player right now and the Utah Jazz’s fringe players like Joel Bolomboy and Royce O’Neal.

You can see new Jazz players Thabo Sefolosha and Ekpe Udoh as well. One person I didn’t mention was missing was Jonas Jerebko. Jonas Jerebko’s twitter hasn’t mentioned his location at all. Honestly he could have taken the picture of this as well.

My personal favorite part of this picture is Joe Johnson standing with some distance between himself and everyone else as if he’s the coach of a little league squad. I mean check it out.

2. Everyone is in Cali at the same time

Normally this is when Jazz players are descending upon Salt Lake City for open gym, but the practice facility could be still finishing its final touches. The Jazz’s de facto second home seems to be in Santa Barbara at P3 which it seems they’re at. Rudy Gobert and others have been posting pictures in Southern California.

There was a tweet shortly after this post by Joe Ingles that he’s back in SLC. Jazz squad could have been getting in a good round of conditioning in Santa Barbara while the practice facility was getting the final coat of paint. Might have been Joe Johnson organizing this whole week as well. I can just imagine the entire Jazz squad getting in hot yoga every morning for a week with Joe Johnson.

3. Nike Gear

We’ve seen players showing off Nike apparel here and there, but we haven’t seen the Jazz Nike gear in action ... until now. We see the gold prominently displayed which looks really nice in the practice gear. We also see the Nike grey shirts which look really clean. The practice shorts look clean.

4. Mysterious T4 (TY) Nike Shirt

Dante Exum is wearing a T4—or TY—Nike shirt that is in Jazz colors. Is this hinting at a Jazz slogan? It’s not a specifically made shirt for Dante by Nike because Dante Exum is an Adidas athlete. The symbol looks cool but I wonder what it represents.

5. Tony Bradley rocking Adidas gear

Tony Bradley must have missed the memo about Nike gear, left his Nike stuff in the wash, or forgot his Nike stuff in SLC because he’s still rocking his Adidas practice gear.

If there’s anything this photo teaches us, it’s that the season is almost here. Jazz’s first preseason game is in 23 days.