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2018 NBA Power Rankings

NBA Power Rankings: Utah Jazz movin’ on up

18-2 in their last 20, the media agrees the Jazz are a top-10 team

Utah Jazz maintain position in latest NBA Power Rankings

The Jazz are 15-2 in their last 17 games and have settled into the top half of the league

Utah Jazz are a Top 10 team according to latest NBA Power Rankings

The Jazz are on break, but the streak remains unbroken

Latest NBA Power Rankings reflect Utah Jazz win streak

It’s green arrows across the board from the media this week

Undefeated week propels Jazz in NBA Power Rankings

The Utah Jazz may never lose again. Let’s see what the media thinks ...

Last week’s road wins bump Utah Jazz up NBA Power Rankings

The Utah Jazz were rewarded by the media for a 2-1 road trip

Washington win fails to move Jazz needle in NBA Power Rankings

The Jazz only played two games last week, finishing with a 1-1 record

Jazz continue tumble down NBA Power Rankings

It might be time to submit and #TankNote

Year ending win over Cavaliers can’t save Jazz in NBA Power Rankings

The December schedule is mercifully over, but it landed Utah in a bad spot according to the media.

Boston win not enough to keep Jazz afloat in NBA Power Rankings

Utah got a good upset over the Celtics, but a loss to the Bulls has them dropping

Utah Jazz win streak leads to burst in NBA Power Rankings

Utah’s offensive explosion left the media with no choice but to #TakeNote.

Utah Jazz rise in Power Rankings despite Houston drubbing

The Jazz went 2-2 last week with a close win and a blowout loss mixed in.

NBA Power Rankings: Bump in the road leads to Utah Jazz dip

Lose to the Suns, fall in the rankings. Them’s the breaks.

NBA Power Ranking: Solid start gets the Jazz a slight bump

How are the Jazz doing around the interwebs?

Top 100 NBA Players: Where do the Utah Jazz fit in?

Utah is one of only a handful of teams with all 5 starters ranked.