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Will the Utah Jazz trade for Nikola Mirotic?

Nikola Mirotic could be a Jazzman very soon.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel that? That’s the sound of agents and NBA GMs posturing.

It’s clear that Nikola Mirotic will be traded on the trade deadline and it’s very likely he could end up with the Utah Jazz. Utah has been engaged in talks with the Chicago Bulls for some time and have interest in the stretch four.

The major nuance to this trade, that likely has Nikola Mirotic end up with the Utah Jazz, is his trade clause. That’s right, the contract provision usually set aside for players like Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony? The Bulls gave one of those to Nikola Mirotic. The only way this benefits other teams is if Mirotic showed interest in a specific team.

(Quote via Adrian Wojnarowski)

Advantage: Jazz.

This means any trade that is proposed has to be approved by Mirotic. Him making that interest known makes it likely he will end up on the Utah Jazz if he’s traded. That could always change, but Mirotic is going to do what’s best for him and his biggest worry is where he ends up, not if he nets Chicago the first round pick they are apparently asking for.

Probably the most recent transaction comparable to the Mirotic trade would be the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Thunder? Anthony had specific teams he was willing to go to. At first Anthony was willing to go to the Cavs but when no trade was possible between the Cavs and Knicks, Anthony let the Knicks know who else he’d be willing to play for. That’s when the woj reports let us know that the Thunder were another destination he’d be willing to go. The agents and GMs were posturing to get something done.

With all this smoke, there is definitely a fire and Mirotic is very likely to be traded. We’ll find out soon if the “interest” in Quin Snyder is real, or a way to make another trade happen.

It’s only a matter of time before Donovan Mitchell gets a signature shoe. This custom Adidas work done on some Dame 4’s for Donovan Mitchell is getting close.

Trey Burke may be making a comeback with the New York Knicks

It’s really interesting to read how Trey Burke has changed since his time in Utah.

Standing near the baseline before 1,825 fans filed in to see Westchester’s 95-92 victory over Austin, Burke finally sounded at peace with his turbulent time with the Utah Jazz. After finishing third in Rookie of the Year voting in 2014, Burke lost his starting job to Dante Exum halfway through his second year. The next season, with Exum injured, Raul Neto and Shelvin Mack started over him. Before he knew it, he had gone from a part of the Jazz’s core to an afterthought.

At the time, Burke felt Utah was trying to break him. He fell out of favor with fans who had high hopes for him and wound up being traded to Washington for a future second-round pick. Looking back, he thinks he should have found a way to stay true to himself, even if the situation was imperfect.

”I am a playmaker naturally,” Burke said. “Guys ask, ‘Are you a point guard? Are you a shooting guard?’ I believe I am a point guard and a shooting guard. I believe I’m both: a combo guard, you might say. I believe I can run a team as a point guard, though, and I think that’s the biggest thing. When you have the friction between me and the fans, I think that’s really what it was. I blame it on myself now. I can look back and I can say that it was me rather than them because I changed the way I played for the way they wanted me to play. That should never happen.”

It would be great to see Trey Burke find a perfect niche in the NBA. The hardest thing for these players is being the best their whole lives and then having that change when they make the league. Some players handle it well and some struggle. Trey Burke might be ready to thrive, but in a role he probably didn’t expect when he was drafted by the Jazz.

These Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell grocery displays are incredible. H/T to reddit user kornut78 who is doing amazing work!

The Jazz have been using their G-League affiliate really well this season. Yes, we see the news about him being recalled and sent down every week, but it’s great the Jazz have this resource to give significant development to young prospects.