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Donovan Mitchell is showing great leadership

Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert will lead the Jazz on and off the court for years

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

During the Utah Jazz loss to the Indiana Pacers, Rodney Hood went through a tough stretch where he shot 1-7 and started to hear some boos from the crowd. It was a little surprising and local media and fans took notice.

Apparently, the players noticed as well, including Rodney Hood and Donovan Mitchell.

Personally, that’s tough to read. Rodney puts in a lot of work and has to be frustrated with his own performance. To hear boos on top of it has to be hard.

That’s why I loved Donovan Mitchell’s tweet after the game calling out the fans who were booing Rodney.

It was interesting to see that Rodney appreciated Donovan backing him up.

That is impressive leadership. It’s a difficult time for the Jazz who are looking at a tough 2nd half of the season. Hearing boos from the crowd can compound things, but in difficult times leaders rise.

Donovan Mitchell never disappoints and always comes away leaving people impressed. He’s everything the Jazz could have hoped for, and more.

Utah Jazz PR confirmed that Thabo Sefolosha will have season ending surgery “to repair an avulsion of the medial collateral ligament.”

This is going to be a tough loss to overcome for the Utah Jazz. They may have already seen the ramifications in the loss to the Indiana Pacers.

Sefolosha does things on the court that don’t always show up on a box score but help the team win. This can be proven by him leading the Jazz in real-plus-minus. He’s also 35th OVERALL in the league.

Because of the loss, the Utah Jazz applied for an injury hardship waiver from the league.

The injuries have mounted up to a very frustrating level and have had a serious impact on a team that didn’t have huge margins of error to begin with. It should be no surprise that the losses have piled up.

Get better, Thabo!

Important reminder that Dante Exum is on this team and an important part of the future!

There are not enough Dante Exum warmup videos in existence.

Rudy Gobert showed up with an interesting thought on the “tough guys” in the NBA.

Rudy backs this up too. He never backs down.

It’s important to watch this highlight of Donovan Mitchell again.

Donovan is doing all this with subpar spacing and injuries to three starters. How much fun will this team be with better spacing, Dante Exum and Rudy Gobert back?