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BREAKING: Rudy Gobert Available for Tonight’s Game

The Stifle Tower returns to battle the Unicorn.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

With all the Donovan Mitchell hype, Rudy Gobert has faded into the background a bit with his chronic knee injury. Well, he is about to be in the background no more:

That’s right, Rudy Gobert is going to play tonight after a long absence. His last appearance was on December 13, 2017. Since November 11, he has only appeared in five games.

Now, this is cause for happiness in Jazzland, but there are legitimate concerns here: Is he really ready to play? We all know that Rudy is a competitor. Every time he gets hurt, his drive to return is unmatched.

I wonder, though, if this is sometimes to his detriment. Last time he came back from injury he didn’t seem like himself, being more timid on defense and not as explosive on offense. Here’s hoping that, this time, the training staff has done a good job, and that Rudy is fully recovered.

At any rate, this is enough for me to buy tickets tonight. Welcome back, Rudy!