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The Utah Jazz’s Nike City Jersey has Arrived!

Hopefully improved play comes with it.

Last night sucked. That is all.

There was only one good thing that happened last night, and that was this surprise announcement:

The new City Jersey is now available for a limited time at the Team Store. I’m still not completely sold on these, but I will withhold final judgement until I see these on the players with the alternate court design.

Who is going to swing by and get the new gear?

Dennis Lindsey was on 1280 The Zone for his usual interview and dropped this rather forthcoming line during the show.

I’ve never heard DL be so candid, but certainly appreciate the honesty. Jonas Jerebko fulfills both of those desires, but maybe Dennis has something else in mind. Who fits that criteria you ask? Here are all of the (relatively attainable) players at least 6’9 and have shot at least 50 3s at >40%, from oldest to youngest:

  • Pau Gasol
  • Marvin Williams
  • (Jonas Jerebko)
  • Kevin Love
  • Nemanja Bjelica
  • Chandler Parsons
  • Luke Babbitt
  • Kelly Olynyk
  • Nikola Mirotic
  • Tobias Harris
  • Trey Lyles

Anyone on that list of particular interest to you?

You know I love Fan Posts! So here goes nothing.

Jazzexile go to a great game and rare win out in DC and described his experience:

It had been so long since I had been to a game that I had forgotten how much more you can see when you’re not limited to a TV/computer screen. Here’s what I saw.

UtahCoyote gets in on the trade rumors, focused on Kemba Walker and Ricky Rubio:

Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN: Overloaded with bad contracts and untradable assets, the Charlotte Hornets have made All-Star point guard Kemba Walker available in trade discussions, league sources told ESPN.

MoChuk takes a guess at what Dennis Lindsey’s Trade Deadline plans might be:

One quick look at the Utah Jazz roster and salaries will tell you that story. We only have 2 players on non-rookie scale contracts with more than 2 years remaining. And both of those are valuable contracts for players that can live up to the amount that they are getting paid: Gobert and Ingles. Let’s look at the rest of the roster from a contract perspective and evaluate what we have. Maybe that can shed some light on what the FO is thinking.

Beeblebrox42 discusses Utah’s Offensive Roles:

Despite the impressive offensive output during the Clippers game, the Jazzhave really struggled on offense this season. While there has been plenty of debate about Snyder’s system, spacing, and which players fit together, I don’t see as much discussion about where players fit best as offensive options.

Here’s how I break down the Jazz roster:

You all are the real MVPs! Go through and read their stuff. Add in your comments and thoughts as well!

CBS Sports put out a recent piece on the most untradeable contract for each NBA team. Here’s what they had to say about the worst Jazz contract:

Utah Jazz

Player: Ricky Rubio

Remaining contract: 2 years, $28.9 million

Why he’s untradeable: The Jazz took a flier on Rubio this offseason, but it hasn’t exactly worked out. Despite his elite passing ability, there’s just not much value in the league for point guards who can’t shoot. Therefore unloading Rubio would prove difficult, if not impossible.

And for those curious, this was entered in about a certain former player.

Boston Celtics

Player: Gordon Hayward

Remaining contract: 4 years, $127.8 million

Why he’s untradeable: Look, the Celtics have done such a good job with money management, there was really no good answer here. We picked Hayward because he’s in the first year of his max contract and he just suffered a devastating injury, which means that teams wouldn’t be very likely to trade for him until he proves he can get back to his old self on the court.

Once he recovers, it’ll be a different story. But for now Hayward has the most untradeable contract on the Celtics.

Do you agree with that analysis? By the way, there are some really terrible contracts in the league. Like some embarrassingly bad ones. Fortunately the Jazz front office didn’t jump in on the spending spree of 2 offseasons ago.

Nate Duncan discussed the trade deadline as well on his podcast a few days ago. This one focused in on the Northwest Division. Here’s the link. They begin talking about the Jazz at the 76:30 mark. Here’s a quick summary of his/their thoughts:

  • Jazz have a few non-guaranteed contracts that are pretty valuable
  • Jazz could end up with 17-25 million in cap space next summer without giving up an essential piece. Jazz will have a ton of space to work with in the 2019 summer.
  • The wing market is thin so Rodney Hood could have several suiters (they pretty much named half the league as possibles). The guess is that a smaller move is made that brings back a 1st rounder.
  • Derrick Favors main value may just be as an expiring contract. The Bucks and Thunder were a couple of the few teams that could benefit from his play.