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Is Adam Silver becoming out of touch with fans?

Donovan Mitchell not being in the dunk contest is a joke and so is the NBA All-star draft

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There is no believable reason for Donovan Mitchell not being in the Dunk Contest.

It’s no secret that the NBA is biased toward specific teams and franchises. Disagree? Explain to me the Los Angeles Lakers being on national TV almost every night.

But even though we all expect the NBA to slight certain franchises, it still hurts when the reality of it hits.

Donovan Mitchell didn’t make the all-star team. There was a small chance of it, but I didn’t expect it to happen so it doesn’t bother me that he didn’t. But Donovan Mitchell should have been the headlining player in the dunk contest and he doesn’t even make it. It’s maddening.

There are one of three possibilities for this: Adam Silver and the NBA front office are either lazy, biased or kowtowing to certain owners. Honestly, it’s probably all three. Anyone who’s seen Donovan Mitchell play, or has even just has a casual interest in the NBA and a twitter account (we know you do, Adam) would know that Donovan would have been incredible. Now, we miss out because Silver didn’t take the time to see, or he’s allowing certain owners and markets to decide. Thanks for nothing, Adam.

So who’s making it in the dunk contest? Victor Oladipo, Dennis Smith Jr. and Aaron Gordon. Apparently, there’s a chance that Larry Nance Jr. also makes the dunk contest as well.

If you look at Shams Charania’s article stating why Oladipo and Nance were considered, it’s almost laughable.

Oladipo has had an All-Star-caliber year in his fifth NBA season, averaging 24.2 points and 5.2 rebounds in 42 games for Indiana. Oladipo was runner-up to Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine in the 2015 dunk contest in New York.

For Gordon, this would be his third consecutive appearance in the event. Gordon is having a breakout campaign, averaging 18.4 points and 8.2 rebounds this season. In 2016, Gordon and LaVine dueled in one of the all-time dunk performances, with LaVine earning the trophy.

Smith, a high-flying rookie, has averaged 14.8 points and 4.6 assists in 39 games. He was the No. 9 overall pick in the 2017 draft.

Nance is regarded as one of the league’s top athletes, and his father, Larry Nance, won the dunk contest in 1984.

Oladipo makes it because he was the runner up three years ago and is having a good season? Mindblowing! What has Oladipo done, in terms of dunking, in this season?

And part of Nance’s consideration is because his father won the dunk contest?! What in the hell? Or could it be he’s on a team that rhymes with Fakers?

I just hope Adam Silver is making sure to listen to what fans want when the all-star teams are picked.

Oh yeah, he doesn’t care what fans want with that either.

So, the NBA All Stars are being announced and the new style of picking teams will not be televised. Literally the only interesting thing about the All-Star game is not being shown so that certain players don’t get their feelings hurt. Are you afraid of an annoyed player saying something, Adam? What a shame all the intrigue and viewership that would bring.

Rachel Nichols did an incredible job of explaining why Adam Silver is being so lame, and how fun it was when the NHL did this exact same thing.

Now it just feels like a gimmick. It’s not entertaining and there isn’t any more incentive than before for players in the game to settle something or actually try to win.

Great job, Adam.

We should be listening to the fans. You know, the ones who pay for TV to watch the games, the ones who buy season tickets, the ones who buy the merchandise and jerseys and shoes. The fans are the ones who pay for everything, and they’re not being listened to. So now, it looks the All-Star game got actively worse and it didn’t need to.

Some good news for Jazz fans. The NBA awarded the Utah Jazz a disabled player exception.

Here is a great resource from Danny Leroux at RealGM explaining the DPE if you’re into that sort of thing.

It looks like the Jazz can use it to sign a free agent, trade for a player or claim someone off waivers.

It’s not clear if this can be used in any way to be used for more ping pong balls in the lottery. More info on this to come.

The new City Edition Jerseys went on sale and they look really good on you guys!

Have you gotten the new jerseys? How do they look?

With all the trouble brewing in Cleveland, you can’t help but wonder if Kevin Love (fan of living in Park City) would be somehow available. With stuff like this going on, how long until Love demands a trade?