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Donovan Mitchell doesn’t need your dunk contest

The rookie basks in the national spotlight, despite recent snub

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA has not “officially” announced the participants for the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, but word has gotten out, and Donovan Mitchell was snubbed of an invite.

It’s a big disappointment for Jazz fans, and any other person in the world, because Donovan Mitchell is an incredible dunker. It would have been awesome to see him showcase his leaping ability and creativity in the national spotlight, and the NBA is wrong for not extending the invite.

But enough complaining and pointing out poor decision-making has been done. It’s time to move on and focus on what we can control. Here’s the great news for Jazz fans, and the entire Jazz organization as whole: Donovan Mitchell is not just a great dunker, he’s a freaking good basketball player, so he doesn’t need your dunk contest, NBA.

Although it would have been awesome to see Mitchell get even more national media attention in the dunk contest, he has been getting plenty of love recently from several national outlets.

As if it were an attempt at making up for snubbing him, published a piece soley focused on Mitchell’s incredible performances this season and the player he is becoming.

Some great insight was given in the piece, including how Mitchell has adopted the role of a leader as such a young age despite having several veteran players on the roster.

“He’s learning how to be a leader, has a lot of confidence and is always working hard,” said Jazz center Rudy Gobert. “I think he’s been very good overall. He’s not scared of the moment, not scared of big shots, not scared to attack. Pretty rare for a rookie.”

“He’s assuming a role in clutch situations, and it makes sense,” Snyder said. “There’s no sense in trying to pretend. He’s the most capable player and so I’m not concerned if he’s 19 or 25 or a rookie. There’s no reason to wait. If they’re capable of doing it, do it. The way he is and the kind of person he is, nobody on the team envies him.”

SB Nation posted a four-minute highlight reel with incredible animations built in, which turned out to be an incredible tribute to Donovan Mitchell and the great season he is having.

Mitchell also opened up a little bit and discussed not being invited to the dunk contest (and All-Star game).

Oh, did you think that was the end of the Donovan Mitchell national media posts? That’s too bad.

The NBA did announce that Mitchell was selected for the Rising Stars game, and will play for team USA against team World in a fun matchup.

Donovan was also interviewed on the NBA TV set and discussed being selected to the Rising Stars game, and being in the NBA spotlight in general.

Donovan Mitchell is a star, and he doesn’t need the dunk contest to get to the next level of stardom. (Although it would have been really really really really cool).

It wouldn’t be a downbeat without an update on trade rumors, right?? Here’s the latest rumors circulating around that deal with the Jazz, take it for what it is.

The Jazz picked up a road win in Detroit, and Donovan Mitchell threw down another nasty alley-oop. Again, I don’t think he needs the dunk contest, because, well, he’s making actual NBA games his dunk contest.

Cryptic Derrick Favors tweets, edition 13A.

Faves loves messing with the fans. It’s most likely no indication of his status in trade discussions, but it makes it a little more fun nonetheless.