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Donovan Mitchell to dribble through cones and pass a ball through a glorified car tire with a net on it on National Television

Evidently, this is a thing that we should be excited about.

The NBA thinks we’re they can pull a giant mulligan and get the state of Utah to forgive them for snubbing Donovan Mitchell in the Dunk contest by placing him into the NBA Skills Challenge. Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Donovan Mitchell has been selected to the Skills Challenge on All-Star Weekend.

The last person the Jazz had represent them in the Skills challenge was some gamer who was too into League of Legends Gordon Hayward. The Utah Jazz have had two winners in the past of this competition: Trey Burke and Deron Williams. If Donovan Mitchell were to win the Utah Jazz would become the only team in the NBA to have have three Skills Challenge Winners.

As many of you know, we here at the Dunk have our own thoughts about this competition:

I’m sure the NBA will put him in the garbage skills challenge as some sort of mea culpa, but who really gives a damn? No one has showed up to the NBA All-Star Showcase and been like, “Ya know what really gets me going? A dude dribbling through cones and passing it through a glorified car tire with a net on it. I LIVE FOR THAT.”

May Donovan Mitchell dominate this competition and throw down a dunk in it that is better than anything that we’ll see at the dunk contest.