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The Utah Jazz are ready for an easier schedule

New year, new win streaks

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz enter the new year well rested after a murderous December schedule. I for one am pumped for a string of winnable games in January. Let’s hit this downbeat!

Over the New Year’s break, Jazz fans were given the opportunity to meet Donovan Mitchell at the Stance Socks store at Fashion Place Mall. The line was unreal to meet the young star.

What an awesome visual of how many people are excited about the Spida.

But Jazz fans aren’t the only ones excited about Donovan Mitchell. NBA greats like Damian Lillard keep mentioning him as their favorite rookie.

Mitchell was also recently featured on Michael Rapaport’s podcast where he talked about playing with Chris Paul and Paul George.

(Reminder that everything from Michael Rapaport can have some nsfw language)

The hype train keeps rolling and you can bet we’re going to choo choo right along with it!

Karl Malone is at it again with an appearance on WWE’s Smackdown Live.

Unconfirmed is whether Dennis Rodman showed up to receive a diamond cutter. In case you haven’t seen it, here is Karl Malone’s other professional wrestling appearance where he faced Hulk Hogan alongside Diamond Dallas Page.

Spoiler: the refs missed the push-off in this one as well.

Don’t look now but Donovan Mitchell is the best offensive rookie in the NBA.

After a slow start, Donovan Mitchell’s rise has been remarkable. He’s going to get better too. The only question is how much better will he get and what pieces can the Jazz put around him.

Dennis and Becky Lindsey’s son Jake Lindsey made Sportscenter with an awesome chase-down block.

My guess is the scouting report on Jake Lindsey is pretty thorough.