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Trade Rumor: Detroit Pistons interested in Utah Jazz’s Rodney Hood

The Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons have reportedly engaged in talks centered on the 4th year swingman from Duke.

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

With the Blake Griffin trade going through last night, it appears the Detroit Pistons are looking to add some shooting to give their new bigman tandem of Griffin and Andre Drummond some much required spacing. It has been reported by Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer that the Pistons are in full “LET’S SAVE STAN VAN GUNDY’S JOB” mode and are looking at Rodney Hood to aid in those efforts.

The Pistons might not be done making moves. Multiple sources say that they are after Jazz guard Rodney Hood and could send out forward Stanley Johnson. Hood is another injury-prone player, but these are the types of calculated risks Van Gundy needs to take to save his job.

Stanley Johnson isn’t much of a shooter and would exacerbate Utah’s already TERRIBLE floor spacing, but, on the other hand, if this deal did include Chicago and Utah was able to get Nikola Mirotic, then this could be more palatable.

Detroit is just one of many teams hoping to land Rodney Hood at the deadline, so they’re not the only suitors by a long shot. But they are VERY motivated to get a deal done soon so they can stay in the playoff hunt.