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NBA Trade Deadline: Nikola Mirotic held out of practice for “lower leg issue”

Hmmm ... that sounds familiar ...

Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

In the ongoing NBA Trade Deadline drama, it looks like we have another piece to the puzzle. Nikola Mirotic seems to have developed the same lower leg issue Rodney Hood has been dealing with the past week according to Darnell Mayburry of the Athletic.

Apparently, Niko was seen shooting with the team then was pulled aside by Fred Hoiberg for a chat. After that, Hoiberg said he had the “lower leg issue.”

For those who are wondering at home, Rodney Hood is once again being held out of another game due to “lower leg soreness.”

We might be close to a potential trade, or these injuries might be for real. OR maybe it’s a trade.