The Community Deeds of Karl Malone

Karl Malone was an outstanding star in the NBA. His actions on the court were known by many, but his off-the-court endeavors were also very important to his identity. Nearly his whole career, Malone played for the Jazz. In 2004, he was traded to the Lakers, and during this season is when he earned a Community Assist Award. The Mailman made a lot of bank during his career, and he decided to give back to the people around him as well.

After some coordinating with the Heart of Los Angeles Youth (HOLA), Malone was able to bless some of the children of LA. On January 10th, Malone and Clear Channel Motorsports called in some children that were a part of HOLA to come to Anaheim for the Monster Truck Jam.

When they arrived, Lakers’ staff presented a duffel bag full of team gear to each member of the club. After entering the event, the unsuspecting guests were taken to a room to be suprised by Karl Malone himself. Malone introduced himself to the children, and revealed his arrangements for them to take home $100 worth of souvenirs.

A few days later, Malone wasn’t finished with the good deeds. He had offered another group of 25 kids from HOLA to a $1000 shopping spree each at Quiksilver, a clothing company. The visitors were taken to a conference room where hundreds of Quiksilver employees had prepared a celebration. Each individual was called out by name, and applauded for. Afterwards, Malone revealed himself, and his gift to the organization’s members. He then continued to give a motivational speech, and explained the parameters of the arrangements. The children were allowed to pick out up to 50 items of clothing total, for themselves and the members of their families back at home.

Malone then inspired his audience to take advantage of opportunities in their future to spread the same positivity to the people they encounter. He planted an important seed in his community. Acts such as these are ones to be cherished. Without Malone’s charitable deeds, the children he influenced may not know as well the importance of doing good deeds to others. And this is really impacting on their future, and the future experiences of others around them who will experience a wonderful learned behavior.

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