Will the Jazz Stay An Average Team, or Prove Themselves Against Philly?

Well, the entire NBA and its supporters knows Utah had a rough night versus the Memphis Grizzlies. With the 50 point loss just 2 days ago, will the Jazz be able to finish licking their wounds and get back in the field?Tonight, we’ll see some key match-ups.

Can Donovan Mitchell show Ben Simmons why he won Rookie of the Year? Which will be the more dominant center, Rudy Gobert or Joel Embiid? Jimmy Butler makes his Philadelphia 76ers debut tonight as well. Quin Snyder will have to make some adjustments, if he’s going to get his wounded warriors fighting strong against a young team. Will Mitchell be able to pick up the slack for Utah? Or Ingles? Gobert?

On Wednesday night, Utah was held to just 21 points in the entire second half, as the Grizzlies beat them 118-68… that’s less than what they scored in the 2nd quarter of that same game. This is the least amount of points any team has allowed of any quarter this season so far. This is also an unacceptable occurrence, and will not fly against Philly. Rubio led the team with 11 points. Ouch. The Net’s bench could score more than that.It will be very important to set the tone early in the game.

Teams expect Utah to play aggressive defense, and teams counteract that with a more aggressive offensive effort. They Jazz gotta be ready for this, especially with a young and hungry Jimmy Butler looking for a hot debut night against a vulnerable team. In fact, all of Philadelphia will be expecting a win tonight. The odds are not in favor of the Jazz. Coming off a 50 point loss, competing against an energized, excited team on their own court… sounds like a blast for a Sixers fan.

If the Jazz lose, how will this affect their momentum for upcoming games? Or the team’s chemistry?This game could determine the identity of the Utah Jazz this season.

Will they be able to make a positive impression on their future tonight?

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