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The Utah Jazz sang a sweet tune against the Boston Celtics

Did you know the Jazz are 2-0 against Boston? AND ... Vivint Arena is hosting a Christmas Carol sing-a-long!

NBA: Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a game makes! Things were rough with a 50 point loss to the Mavericks and then a close loss to the 76ers. Saturday night the Jazz made up for it with a dominating win over Gordon Hayward and the Celtics.

What was there not to enjoy about this game? The Jazz played more in-sync with each other. They weren’t perfect but they were so much better than they had been. Catch Jason’s recap here.

A little preview of the recap:

If the Jazz hadn’t already cast aside recent storylines with this 12-point win, Ricky Rubio threw them off even more. Rubio, currently the center of a heated fan/media debate over his status as starting point guard, finished with a solid 20 points on 6 of 13 shooting (2 of 4 from three). The other half of that debate, backup point guard Dante Exum, played 20 minutes and finished with 10 points, seven rebounds and three assists.

Your thoughts on Ricky? He has been quite the catalysis for debate among Jazz fans. What are your thoughts?

The Jazz played a great game expect for free throws. The Jazz have been horrible at free throws. They shot a measly 63% against the Celtics from the stripe.

What Quin had to say about missed free throws (From the Deseret News)

“Everybody’s concerned,” Jazz coach Quin Snyder admitted before the Celtics game. “The players are concerned. But at the same time, you can practice them, and we do that. Record them, practice them and keep shooting them, try to simulate game situations where you can simulate a pressure free throw in practice.”

Free throws are not the only thing ailing the Jazz. Donovan had a different thought:

“Focus. When we get up by a little, we kind of lose track of what’s going on,” Donovan Mitchell said after Friday’s 113-107 loss in Philadelphia. “Whether it’s little plays, whether it’s being up in the pick and roll or being back or switching off screens, whatever it may be, we’ve just got to have more focus because against certain teams it may work and we may get let off the hook but against (Philly) it’s not going to.”

What would you have the Jazz do to improve their free throws and their focus?

I would not be honest if I didn’t say that it wasn’t only great to beat Boston because we had been losing. It was great because we also beat Gordon Hayward. We may be excited but the Boston announcers sure aren’t:

This is one of my favorite events when we lived in Utah. Make sure to check it out with your family or friends.