What's the point in rooting for the Jazz anymore? They won't try to win.

I'll just come out and say it: I'm almost ready to say (*bleep*) the Utah Jazz.

Another loss at home, this time to the Kings. An 8-10 record which puts them at (as of this writing) 13th in the West and they could end up hopelessly buried by Christmas. They're 2-5 at home. They're going to use the same excuses: the season is early, tough front-loaded schedule, so many games on the road, blah, blah, blah. And the sad part is management continues to do nothing but sit on their hands, not willing to admit their 'continuity' idea is a bust. The West got better. Other teams got new faces and their draft picks are blooming, while the Jazz stood pat just basking in the previous season's success. It's looking like a wasted year when we could have finally got our championship parade down State Street.

Why should they continue to get our support? This is a team that's not willing to compete for a championship every year. Notice I didn't say not able, just not willing. We have most of the talent, but the pieces aren't fitting together. We need to make some lineup changes and bring in some new talent through trades. Ricky Rubio needs to be cast out of Salt Lake. Guys need to be benched even if it means bruising some egos. The Wizards are willing to part with some of their talent and they can be brought to Salt Lake to give the Jazz a much needed shot in the arm if they'll talk to them and make the needed sacrifices. This is a season that can still be salvaged, and a top seed is still possible, but these moves need to be made now instead of waiting until January. Trouble is it requires Dennis Lindsay and Quin Snyder to make the needed moves and they seem disinterested in doing either.

It feels like our devotion for the Jazz is working against them, because it gives management the excuse they need to never try to compete their best. Why should they bother when the Vint is always full no matter what team they put out? We're saying all the answers the Jazz need to compete but they aren't willing to listen to us. Their egos are holding this team back and no one in the front office seems to care. They shouldn't be able to pick and choose when they want to go for a title. They owe it to us to go for the championship every year. They have no right to keep this team down just to hopefully keep looking like they know what they're doing. This team is broken and has issues that need to be fixed but they won't do it.

So once again I ask, what is the point of supporting a team that won't even try for the title? Why not just let the world see a lot of empty seats in the Vint? The Jazz are not a farm team. We did our tanking period, we developed enough talent, now it should be title or bust every year no matter what the cost. Why can't management see that?

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