It's time for Donovan Mitchell to go full Russell Westbrook mode

We saw last year that Donovan has the ability to both take games over offensively AND play top notch ball running the point. It's time for him to stop deferring to others and go full Westbrook Beast Mode. Run the offense, pass the ball, rebound, shoot, take over. Don't defer to Ricky fucking Rubio and his soft Euro ball or be banished to a corner while Joe runs the offense and turns it over. The ball needs to be put in his hands like it so often was last year for him to create something. Team is great but the NBA is about stars making plays in a team concept. You want your stars to have the ball as often as possible. In trying to wedge him into the team concept or telling him it's his job just to shoot, Snyder may be holding him back and the team with it. All the greats (from Magic to Jordan to LeBron, etc) eventually say, "Just give me the damn ball and I'll do something!" It's time for Donovan to run this team.

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