Either the Jazz play to it's strength....or we should tank

The Utah Jazz are currently bad. 14th in the Western conference bad. Yet it seems like the coaching staff and management haven't figured out how to get the best out of this Jazz team that went to the second round of the playoffs just last year.

This is going to be a short fanpost/rant, I seriously think that the Jazz either try to play to their strength, or just tank and blow this whole season up. We're 10th in 3 points attempted per game, yet 29th in 3 point percentage. I know analytics in recent times have suggested that the most efficient way to score is either the layup of the 3, but you can't force players who can't shoot the 3 to ya know....shoot the 3. They're going to miss.

Currently, if you look at the advanced analytics, it suggest that most Jazz players would be better off shooting a 3 than the long 2 (>16ft), yet most Jazz players have a higher FG% of scoring long 2s. I believe that if we made changes so that we optimise our scoring from long 2s, these players (e.g. Jae Crowder, Derrick Favours, Ricky Rubio) would shoot an even higher percentage (from >16ft) such that our offence will actually become more potent with the midrange than the 3 (kinda like what Indiana are doing).

Of course, there's reason to believe last year was an outlier and the Jazz just suck. I mean they can't even hit their freethrows, we're second in FTA but 27th in FT%. This is a sad thought, and I feel like we should do a quick rebuild around Donovan to throw more shooters and capable scorers around him so he won't leave like every star player has from Utah in recent years.

Some fire also needs to be poured on Quin as he has done almost nothing to the lineup thus far. It's like Scott Brooks with OKC back in the day, they both knew the starting lineup was not the best lineup they could field, yet they keep doing it. If the gameplan ain't working and the team sucks, maybe try to change it instead of constantly pushing continuity? If a miracle like what happened last year doesn't happen, the coaching staff should take a lot of flack for doing jack all when the signs were all there.

P.s. Shoutout to Sartorii who actually started the whole #takenote hashtag, but was never really credited by the Jazz ;)

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