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The Utah Jazz are looking for a better week

The Utah Jazz went 0-3 last week. Let’s see if they can reverse their fortunes and go 3-0 this week!

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Wow. Was it a rough week for Jazz fans or what! The Jazz have not won a game since last Sunday, when they beat the Dallas Mavericks. Jazzland gets pretty grumpy when we have gone a week without a win. Checkout our instant reaction after the Jazz lost to Memphis on Friday night. The writers here at SLC Dunk were not too happy and maybe have overreacted a little. But its a good fun read nonetheless :)

Bright Side is that we have had a really rough schedule. We have yet to play a team from the East. We have had more games on the road than at home (though our road record kind of likes that). We have only played two teams with a losing record. Things will get better. I promise.

Donovan Mitchell suffered an injury on Saturday night. It was quite the scare, seeing him cry and rolling around the court in such obvious pain. The Jazz were within 5 at that point. The entire team seem to have the wind sucked out of their sails when Donovan went down and couldn’t quite recover.

Geez what is it about Denver?!

Fortunately for Jazz fans Donovan was able to return to the game after getting his ankle retaped, but it was too late. Donovan will be out tonight against Toronto.

It will be rough without him but hopefully we can have someone step up.

It has been painful watching former Jazzmen kill the Jazz during the Jazz’s losses this season. First we had Jerebko will the tip-in against the Warriors. Shelvin Mack hit two huge 3’s in the 4th quarter and played a really good game in our first loss against Memphis. Derrick Rose (not really a former Jazzman but pretended it was. a revenge game) scored 50 against us. Shelvin Mack once again sparked a run for Memphis but this time hitting two timely three’s in the 3rd quarter that gave the Grizzlies all the moment and sunk the Jazz. This week we have a former Jazz player in all of our games.

This tweet cracked me up because I could totally see it happening. Obviously Lyles didn’t get 30 points but the rest is still possible:

This week the Jazz will bring back their red rock-inspired City Jerseys. Many teams got new city jerseys this year but the Jazz decided to stick with the red rock-inspired jerseys.

The Utah Jazz explained why they are bringing them back.

This week, NBA teams are revealing their new City Edition looks for the 2018-19 season. The Jazz won’t be messing with perfection—the only team in the league to bring back the same City Edition uniform from last season.

Donovan Mitchells says:

“I see a lot more of the City uniforms than any other uniforms around town,” Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell said. “It catches a different feel for the Jazz that’s being exposed to the world. I think it’s pretty dope to have that. It gives people a different sense of what Utah’s about.”

Apparently other teams have been looking towards the Jazz with their city uniforms designs.

“The Jazz really broke into a frontier of uniform design that frankly has the entire sports community excited about the City Edition campaign and where it can go,” Lenker said. “The Jazz took it to another level with the court design, too.

“There were 30 amazing City Editions last year. But every NBA team loves watching what other teams are doing. They’re all inspired by each other, looking at each other’s uniforms for bits and pieces their teams can incorporate into their own looks.”

Go Jazz. May the City Edition jerseys bring you good luck!

What did Quin Snyder think of Utah’s loss on Saturday?

Mike Sorensen of the Deseret News shared:

“Tonight, I thought we were better defensively,” he said. “I thought we were focused on trying to play the way we’ve worked on who we are. You’ve got to demonstrate that and cling to it tightly, and I thought we did a much better job of that tonight.”

“It was three competitive quarters. We competed the fourth quarter, but the score didn’t reflect our effort. But, ultimately, you’ve got to put the ball in the basket. We weren’t able to do that in the fourth quarter, and I don’t think it was a reflection of our execution or anything other than we need it to go in.”

Let’s hope we can see four quarters of great defense tonight. Four competitive quarters and we can start winning again. The Jazz have a big week!

The Jazz have three games this week, all at home.


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