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Utah Jazz General Manager Dennis Lindsey Faced with Big Decisions

The Utah Jazz got a shot in the arm with Korver’s outside shooting but was it enough?

NBA: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs
I don’t know why we leave open midrange jumpers. Its almost like we are too smart for our own good.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The inconsistent Jazz continued in their inconsistent ways. Right when you feel the Jazz are going to turn a corner and right the ship, they lay the most gigantic of eggs. They end up showing every weakness they have as a team. I understand, it is hard playing the same team two times in the last week. Maybe, the Jazz came in overconfident, they perhaps thought that beating the Spurs by 34 points five days ago was good enough preparation. Maybe they thought that one of the greatest coaches of all time wouldn’t make adjustments and have his team prepared five days later. Who knows but the Jazz were not prepared, they looked as if they could just show up and get the win, and because of all that they embarrassed themselves.

Check out the SLC Dunk game recap here if you want to relive the madness that was the San Antonio loss.

NBA: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs
Look mom, no hands!
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Watching Ricky it looked like he had a nice game.

26 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists not bad. We need that on the offensive end from Ricky. Ricky also thought had a defensive rating of 115.3. That is not real great.

Our entire defense seemed to be schemed for a team that isn’t really good at midrange jumpers. I get that midrange shots are not usually effective shots but you think that our coaching staff would have planned to stop the midrange shots from San Antonio since those shots are their speciality.

I mean look at these percentages:

Let’s not let them keep killing us in the same way, over and over and over again. Let’s make adjustments, Quin.

Donovan had a cool 27, all 27 scored in the second half.

Let’s look at the rest of the team:

Gosh we need more support from our deep team. What happened to our strong strong bench from the second half of last season? This year they can’t even stream together two nice games in a row. Its so Jeckyll and Hyde with the bench and with this team. I don’t remember a Jazz team that was as inconsistent as this current team.

Why are they so inconsistent? Is the moneyball approach finally catching up to the Jazz? Is it because half of our team is in a contract year (again)?

Dennis needs to act soon.

So what is it? A big trade, free agency, or internal development?

Why do the Jazz go through offensive droughts? Here’s from Jody’s recap of the game.

• The Jazz only scored 36 points in the first half — 18 points in each of the first two quarters — while falling behind by 18 points at the break. The Spurs took control for good in that second quarter by going on a 12-0 run before halftime.

• Utah cut the Spurs’ big lead down to eight, 99-91, midway through the fourth quarter, but the Jazz went without a point from the 5:13 mark until Mitchell hit free throws with 2:48 remaining. San Antonio re-established a 15-point lead in that 2½-minute drought.

What causes the Jazz to allow these huge runs? Is it rotations, players playing for themselves instead off the team? Lack of good offense on our part leading to easy shots for our opponent?

What is it?