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Breaking: Adidas to launch Donovan Mitchell signature shoe in Q3 2019

Donovan Mitchell is going to be getting his own signature shoe. It’s happening!

These are not the Donovan Mitchell mocks.

Multiple sources who have seen the Vendor Order Sheets for athletic retailers have confirmed to SLC Dunk that Adidas will debut a Donovan Mitchell signature shoe in Q3 of 2019. The shoes will reportedly come in as many as five colorways that may feature tie-ins to the Spider-Man comics (Venom, Carnage, Scarlet Spider, etc.). The shoe is currently called the “Donovan Mitchell” but that is believed to be an interim name. Vendors purchasing the shoes have been shown mocks of the shoes in preparation for making orders for fiscal year 2019.

Just last year, we had begun to hear whispers of Donovan Mitchell receiving his own shoe line when he tweeted this.

We even were following the breadcrumb trail over the summer that lead to Donovan being featured with Adidas Mad Bounce sneakers. At the time, it seemed as though the hype was about Donovan getting featured for the Adidas Mad Bounce sneakers, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Donovan Mitchell appears to have been working with Adidas to craft these sneakers.

Making a new sneaker line requires a lot of lead time with design and production taking the majority of it. If Donovan was given the reigns on a new shoe last summer it would only make sense that the release of that signature shoe would be 12-18 months out from when Adidas offered Donovan the exclusive line.

Here’s to hoping that we have an amazing Venom colorway similar to the ones he debuted at the Dunk Contest.