The 2019 draft is full of talented small forwards and stretch-4 power forwards.

It's obviously extremely early to be looking at the 2019 NBA draft, but the good news is that the draft seems to be chock full of talented young small forwards, stretch-4 power forwards, and combo forwards--positions for which the Jazz reasonably appears to have a need. In fact, Duke's trio of forwards--Williamson, Barrett and Reddish--not only look like the first three picks in the draft, but also all look like future all-stars. Nobody is saying it yet publicly, but everyone is probably secretly thinking that Zion Williamson looks like he has size, strength, athleticism, basketball I.Q. and skill set similar to that of LeBron James. Every team in the NBA would like to get their hands on that guy for the next 7 years, whereas he is looking more and more like a generational talent.

In today's NBA, a team can't have too many good shooters, especially at the small forward and power forward positions (especially if those players can also play good defense). Even though the Jazz may be selecting its pick later in the draft's first round, it looks like there may enough talented players at the forward positions in the upcoming draft that at least one really good player at those positions could fall down to the Jazz even a bit later in the draft--and perhaps even into the 2nd round of the draft. I think that's good news for us as Jazz fans.

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