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Rudy Gobert is putting the Jazz on his shoulders

Another beastly performance results in a Jazz W

Utah Jazz v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Remember last season when Rudy Gobert posted his infamous “We will be fine” tweet? It became a piece of Utah Jazz history, as he proved to be prophetic on all accounts when the Jazz bounced back last year and made a run into the playoffs.

This season has had a similar start as last season, with several disappointing losses and a losing record overall. But, at least to this point in time, there has not been another “We will be fine” tweet. Maybe the Jazz need one. But, maybe not. Maybe the comforting, reassuring message is actually being sent by the way Rudy Gobert has been destroying opponents on the basketball court this season.

After another monster performance last night in Salt Lake City, Rudy Gobert muscled the Jazz to a huge home win against the defending champion of the world, Golden State Warriors. Gobert finished with 17 points, 15 rebounds, and 4 blocks on a night where he was absolutely the difference maker in the game.

This wasn’t the first time this season that Rudy Gobert took over a game. Even though you may not even realize his impact on games, Gobert has not only been the Jazz’s best player this season, he’s one of the best players in the NBA. Here are some statistical categories that Gobert is ranked in the top ten among qualified NBA players this season.

1st- FG %

1st- eFG %

1st- True Shooting %

2nd- Offensive Rating

3rd- Win Shares

3rd- Defensive Box Plus/Minus

6th- Blocks per game

7th- Rebounds per game

This has been a career season for Gobert so far, and he’s doing his best to keep the Jazz afloat. If it weren’t for him, the Jazz would be lost in oblivion. He’s carrying the Jazz on his shoulders and willing them to wins, one game at a time, with the hope of getting back ahead in the win column and into playoff position. If we’ve learned anything from Rudy, you don’t ever, ever count him out.

If while watching the game last night you were thinking “Man, it seems like Rudy always has so many blocks against the Warriors”; you were definitely not wrong.

Rudy comes to play when he goes at The Dynasty Warriors.

Donovan Mitchell was trying to get Rudy to expound on his blocks last night, but Rudy kept his cool.

There is nothing quite like seeing Joe Ingles play animated basketball. When Joe gets going, there’s no stopping him. That includes both his lefty three-ball and his trash talk. Fortunately enough for us, we got both last night.

Last night during the game, Qualtrics honored those that have fought and are currently fighting the battle with cancer.

After the game, and one of the most important wins of the season, Ricky Rubio had a simple tweet that really puts things into perspective.

I’m still pretty pumped about the win from last night, so here are some pics courtesy of the Utah Jazz.