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Misery in Miami for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz’s season of ups and downs continued in Miami.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night, I thought I would be writing a happy Downbeat but then today happened. The Jazz never seem to have good luck in Miami. They have lost seven straight to that team.

They do especially poor IN Miami. I mean check out this thread:

Check our whole thread. Its full of Miami misery. Now we can add the phantom foul that lead DWade to the line and the missed three by Donovan. the 21-0 run over a 5 minute span or whatever it was. Miami just brings misery.

Rudy’s thoughts on the game:

Our own Taylor Griffin has exclusive footage of Rudy and the Jazz:

So if Rudy is upset with officiating then can we be upset also? Last night’s game was ridiculous. At the end of the 3rd the Jazz had shot 6 free throws to Miami’s 19.

Ken Mauer doesn’t seem to like us:

I have seen mention that Quin’s offense is too complicated. Is the complexity of the offense causing our losses?

Somethings about the offense I have read:

  • It took Ricky Rubio six months to learn- a point guard who has an excellent feel for the game who was always known to help make the game easier on his teammate, leader in assists, beautiful passer, but even he can’t get a handle on it.
  • Korver got open looks on Friday when they were running simple things to get him easy looks. Tonight he couldn’t get a good look. Korver was getting better looks when they weren’t running the offense
  • Jazz offense is ranked 27th in the league- no matter the open looks its not working.

What are your thoughts on the offense?

Now for something happier:

DWade on Donovan Mitchell. Check out Eric’s article at the Deseret News for the full story:

“Outside of probably my better friends in the league, Victor Oladipo and Donovan Mitchell are two of the guys I talk to the most,” Wade said. “They’re just guys who are similar in how our games structure and guys who really want it and want to be great.

“We was on the phone for two hours,” he continued. “I don’t talk to nobody for two hours no more, but he wanted to pick my brain, he had a lot of great questions and we just talked about the game. We talked about my first year to my second year, how did I make the jump, and he had a lot of great questions.”

We are lucky to have a budding superstar on our team!