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Discussing Dante Exum’s improved play, why Donovan Mitchell is fine and possible Utah Jazz trade scenarios

Exum’s improved play is adding another wrinkle to what should be a crazy trade deadline

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NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

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On this episode of the SLC Punks podcast we discuss the improved play of Dante Exum. Is it for real or is this a flash in the pan?

We discuss what it means for the Utah Jazz if Dante Exum’s play continues. It may mean they have to make some tough decisions, what will those decisions be?

Are there things the Jazz can do to make life easier for Donovan Mitchell? There may be things he’s dealing with we may not know about. A major sign is the drastic drop in dunks and dunk attempts. Is that a result of an unreleased injury, maybe the after effects of his end of season injury or is it just spacing?

Finally, what are the trade scenarios the Jazz are looking at that could improve the scoring droughts the Jazz sometimes face?

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