Are the Jazz collecting Plus Minus Machines?

It seems so. Ricky & Crowder have been known for a while as plus minus machines. That´ article is a must read.

Joe Ingles was 10th best SF by RPM rankings last year and he´s now 8th, followed by Sepholosa at 9th and Royce O´Neal at 12. O’Neale was playing in Gran Canaria (Spain) in 2017. He didn´t show among the best 15 ACB players in any stats, with the exception of +-.

I don´t know what did the Jazz saw in Ekpe Udoh that they brought him from Turkey (I can´t read Turkish stats), other than his defense, but he´s right now 13th in RPM.

Donovan Mitchell is just too good for a rookie and will become a star soon, so Plus Minus is not a stat that will ever define his game. Anyway, for the purpose of this post gotta say he is 13th SG in RPM ranking right now, and although I can´t find his RPM in college I guess it was quite good. Same for Rudy Gobert, who´s already a star for anyone who understands baskeball is played on both ends. He was 2nd in RPM among centers last season, falling at 15 this year, I guess because of injuries and having to adjust to roster changes. He´ll be up there again

Almost every Jazz player has an above average Plus Minus (considering starter, 2nd unit...) and a track record of improved PLus Minus. Hood and Johnson were probably the worst performers in that department and they are gone.

I´m curious about how much is coincidence and how much is the Jazz recognizing great value in players who despite obvious flaws can influence the game in a positive way.

I hope the Jazz stay healthy, because theirs may be a great story. So many things going on: random players, lots of internationals, changes in roster, radical change in pace, young blood, transition offense, 3 point shooting, ... Wish you the best, as long as you don´t meet my Blazers in the playoffs ;) Sorry for my English, by the way.

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