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Utah Jazz beat the San Antonio Spurs in a gritty performance

The Jazz refuse to let the streak die.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

When the Utah Jazz were down by 10 in the fourth quarter, it looked like it might be over. On the back end of a back to back and playing the third game in four nights, it should have been over. Nope, that’s 10 in a row.

The Jazz have found something special. And even though the team is playing within Quin’s system and vision with perfection, it’s more than that. The Jazz are playing with a chemistry and joy that lifts the players beyond their normal ability.

There was no predicting how good Donovan Mitchell and Royce O’neale would be this year. Or Joe Ingles replacing Gordon Hayward near seamlessly. Did anyone think Derrick Favors would be healthy and contributing at a high level, I didn’t. No one would have guessed these things. But because of that chemistry and joy created by Dennis Lindsey and implemented by Quin Snyder, the future for the Utah Jazz is brighter than ever.

It’s beautiful to watch and we are all blessed to be a part of this win streak.

Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs: Post Game Reaction

Utah Jazz win 10th game in a row!

Posted by SLC Dunk on Monday, February 12, 2018