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Donovan Mitchell shines in Rising Stars game despite USA team loss

Donovan Mitchell gave us a preview of the Dunk Contest.

If the Dunk Contest is the main course, Donovan Mitchell’s performance in the Rising Stars was a light appetizer. It previewed the main meal, but didn’t give anything away. Despite the USA team losing by 31 points to the World team, the Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell was able to come off with some insane highlights in his 7 point, 7 assist, 5 steal, 2 rebounds and 2 block game.

Donovan Mitchell also wore some Spider-man-esque sneakers and had a Spider looking adidas bag before the game ...

It appeared at the beginning of the game in the 1st quarter Donovan Mitchell was going to put on a show that lasted all four quarters when he threw down this monster dunk to start the game.

Unfortunately, Donovan only finished 3-10 from the field and only 1-6 from three despite being wide open and lackadaisical defense being played by everyone. It could be nerves, it could be Donovan Mitchell being told by Utah that he avoid getting injured before the Dunk Contest and during All-Star break at all costs. Whatever it was, he was off. He had some nice steals and some great alley-oops. But none better than this one:

Donovan Mitchell continues his All-Star Weekend tour tomorrow night as he faces off in the Dunk Contest.