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BREAKING: Donovan Mitchell to participate in Slam Dunk Contest

The rookie will replace an injured Aaron Gordon

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

They did it.

They are #LettingSpidaDunk.

The NBA was given another opportunity, a chance to redeem themselves from snubbing Donovan Mitchell from the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. And they did it.

Woj broke the news and certainly brightened everyone’s Monday morning. Jazz fans, rejoice; your rookie is about to put a show on in Los Angeles and put his dunks to the test.

Mitchell will sacrifice his slot in the skills challenge to be able to participate in the dunk contest, which is definitely worth it.

We all knew he could dunk. We all knew he could put on a show. And now, Donovan Mitchell will have his chance to add another item to his rookie legacy. In the words of the infamous Bart Scott interview: “CAN’T WAIT!!”