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Trade Deadline Wrap-up

Who else moved in today’s mild windstorm?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Utah Jazz Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

The trade deadline came and left. Some trades may yet be reported, but here are a list of the trades up until now.

Utah Jazz ~ Cleveland Cavaliers ~ Sacramento Kings

Utah received:

  • Jae Crowder-CLE
  • Derrick Rose-CLE (expected to be bought out)

Cleveland received:

  • Rodney Hood-UTA
  • George Hill-SAC

Sacramento received:

  • Joe Johnson-UTA (expected to be bought out)
  • Iman Shumpert-CLE
  • Miami 2020 second round pick (via Boston trade)-CLE
  • Cash-UTA

Cleveland Cavaliers ~ Miami Heat

Cleveland received:

  • Miami second round pick (year not reported yet, heavily protected)

Miami received:

  • Dwayne Wade

Cleveland Cavaliers ~ Los Angeles Lakers

Cleveland received:

  • Jordan Clarkson
  • Larry Nance

Los Angeles received:

  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Channing Frye
  • Cavaliers 2018 1st Round Pick (reportedly with some protection)

Memphis Grizzlies ~ Detroit Pistons

Memphis received:

  • Brice Johnson
  • Detroit second round pick (year not reported)

Detroit received:

  • James Ennis

Denver Nuggets ~ New York Knicks ~ Dallas Mavericks

Denver received:

  • Devin Harris-DAL
  • New York’s 2018 second round pick-NYK

New York received:

  • Emmanuel Mudiay-DEN
  • Denver’s 2018 second round pick-DEN

Dallas received:

  • Doug McDermott-NYK

Portland Trailblazers ~ Chicago Bulls

Portland received:

  • Rights to Milocan Rakovic
  • $3.5 million traded player exception

Chicago received:

  • Noah Vonleh
  • Cash

Orlando Magic ~ Phoenix Suns

Orlando received:

  • Phoenix’s 2018 second round pick

Phoenix received:

  • Elfrid Payton

Brooklyn Nets ~ New Orleans Pelicans

Brooklyn received:

  • Dante Cunningham

New Orleans received:

  • Rashad Vaughn (who has been traded twice this week)

Miami Heat ~ Atlanta Hawks

Miami received:

  • Luke Babbitt

Atlanta received:

  • Okaro White

Chicago Bulls ~ Detroit Pistons

Chicago received:

  • Willie Reed (traded twice in two weeks)
  • Right to swap 2022 2nd-round picks

Detroit received:

  • Jameer Nelson

Those were all of today’s trades. Other trades of note that happened days or weeks before the trade deadline include:

New York Knicks ~ Charlotte Hornets

New York received:

  • Johnny O’Bryant
  • Charlotte 2020 second-round pick
  • Charlotte 2021 second-round pick

Charlotte received:

  • Willy Hernangomez

Brooklyn Nets ~ Milwaukee Bucks

Brooklyn received:

  • Rashad Vaughn
  • Milwaukee 2018 second-round pick

Milwaukee received:

  • Tyler Zeller

Chicago Bulls ~ New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans received:

  • Nikola Mirotic
  • Chicago 2018 second-round pick

Chicago received:

  • Tony Allen
  • Omer Asik
  • Jameer Nelson
  • Pelicans 2018 first-round pick
  • Pelicans 2021 first-round pick

Detroit Pistons ~ Los Angeles Clippers

Detroit received:

  • Blake Griffin
  • Brice Johnson
  • Willie Reed

Los Angeles received:

  • Tobias Harris
  • Boban Marjanovic
  • Avery Bradley
  • Detroit 2018 first-round pick (protected)
  • Detroit 2019 second-round pick

And there you have it. Cleveland made the most noise at the deadline, overturning about a third of their roster, while acquiring Rodney Hood and George Hill. The Jazz made out good with Jae Crowder, who will be a fantastic fit into Quin Snyder’s system. Jae is also on a very favorable deal for one more season. Buying out Rose could free up a roster spot for the Jazz to pick up another player that ends up being bought out.

Detroit was another notably active team, acquiring Blake Griffin, Jameer Nelson, and James Ennis. Does this give them enough firepower to make the playoffs?

Aside from the Cleveland moves today, everything else was fairly quiet. Some young point guards found fresh starts, Portland got under the Luxury Tax, the Lakers made a little cap space for potential big free agent signings, and some role players moved around. Not many first-round picks were moved. Per Woj, “First-rounders have never been gripped so tightly in the league”.

Who were the winners of this trade season? Who were the losers? Will Cleveland challenge Golden State once again, or will they have a difficult time finding the necessary chemistry in the next two months to make a deep playoff run? For now, we wait and we watch.