Around the NBA prediction: Isaiah Thomas to the 76ers

Not really a jazz post, but just an NBA theory I have and I wanted to share it. Thomas isn't going to fit in with the Lakers unless they start him next to Lonzo. Even then, I think Lavar is going to try hard to push Thomas out of town so his kid doesn't share the spotlight.

The Lakers won't mind cutting Thomas. He doesn't make that much money and they were probably going to let him expire and go after some big name free agents anyway. They could pay Thomas most of his salary and it wouldn't be a big hit for such a large market. He takes away time from developing their young roster, and probably hates that he isn't playing for a playoff team.

The 76ers are going to sign Thomas post-buyout. They move Simmons to the 4 and start IT at PG. Bayless and Saric come off the bench and they shut down Fultz for the year. Thomas helps them with a playoff run, especially now that Detroit has made change. But the reasons aren't 100% on the court. The 76ers own the Lakers' pick. Taking Thomas off the Lakers ensures that they lose more games; so, if they leak to IT's agent that they're willing to give him a decent salary post-buyout, both IT and his agent push harder for the Lakers to let him go.

I'm not sure how fast it happens, but I think Thomas is a 76er before February is over.

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