You're slacking on your Rubio gif game

Okay, yes, I get it. We can't all be the J.Crowds, Jingles and Donovans of the world.

But you, YES, YOU!, Jazz fan, can jump to Rubio's defense ALMOST LIKE YOU YOURSELF ARE ON THE COURT!

You do this by posting as many Rubio gifs as you can to react to these situations. There is a Rubio gif for all situations (and even more have probably appeared on the interwebs with your darling point-guard in your teams uniform).

I wrote detailed guide a while back. Maybe some of you were skeptical about your Spanish-Unicorn at first in the beginning of the season, and, thus, my post was lost to the sea.

But here is the link again as a reminder to:

The Definitive Guide of Ricky Rubio Gifs ... presented by Logical Dodo.

Make use of my wisdom, and best wishes for your team's success and path to the playoffs.

(I have to support my state's team... but I don't know them any more... it's difficult... but just know as long as you have the Rubio, you have the support of many Minnesotans rooting for you as well!)


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