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Ricky Rubio suffered a knee contusion last night in the Phoenix-Utah rumble

If the Phoenix Suns were contracted and moved to Seattle ... we’d actually be okay with it.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

WELP. The Phoenix Suns are back on the **** list. It wasn’t enough for them to take out one of our point guards in preseason for most of the season—NO NO NO—they just HAD to do something even more stupid and bush league. In last night’s kerfuffle (An Andy Larsen original™️), Jared Dudley and Marquese Chriss took out their personal issue of sucking in front of a live audience on Ricky Rubio. After the game, Quin Snyder was none to pleased as you can see from this video of last night’s press conference taken by Kyle Goon of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Quin wasn’t the only one royally pissed off about it. Today on 1280, Dennis Lindsey spoke about it and it appears last night’s rumble had some unfortunate consequences.

Yeah you read that correctly, Ricky Rubio know has a knee contusion because of the a**hattery of Jared Dudley and Marquese Chriss. You’ll never guess that the league hasn’t handed down any additional punishment on Jared Dudley and Marquese Chriss, but it wouldn’t do any good. Unless they subjected Jared Dudley to a treadmill and Marquese Chriss to endless highlights of his airballed dunk, it’s not much of a punishment for their idiotic reactions last night. If they’re suspended that’s jus one less game they have to endure of their hellacious tanking season.

According to Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune, Rubio is questionable for tomorrow night’s game.

For the Utah Jazz, this makes David Stockton’s signing all the more necessary. It’s unfortunate the homecoming of John Stockton’s son couldn’t be under better circumstances. Now with Ricky Rubio suffering a knee contusion right in the middle of a playoff push, Utah’s has a significant weakness in their armor. Dante Exum is going to have to get into game shape AND FAST. The Utah Jazz need his services badly. These next few games against lottery teams just went from a cake walk to Chopped.