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Ricky Rubio gets revenge on the Minnesota Timberwolves in Jazz victory

The three headed monster of Rubio, Mitchell and Exum is a beast

NBA: Utah Jazz at Minnesota Timberwolves Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The three-headed monster of Ricky Rubio, Donovan Mitchell and Dante Exum has hatched and claimed its first victim in Minnesota.

Ricky Rubio was 5/6 from three and claimed alpha male status as he put away his old coach and team.

Donovan Mitchell was lethal with his floater game and looks playoff ready with an easy 21 points.

Dante Exum uses his insane speed to blow by defenses and get to the line. He’s going to be a big weapon for Utah off the bench and makes them incredibly dangerous as a low seed in the playoffs.

Utah Jazz vs Minnesota Timberwolves: Post Game Reaction

Utah Jazz blow out the Minnesota Timberwolves

Posted by SLC Dunk on Sunday, April 1, 2018