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The Golden State WAR-RI-ORS did not come out to play against the Utah Jazz

With the win, the Utah Jazz will now face Portland for the 3 seed tomorrow night.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports


This must be destiny. The Utah Jazz absolutely dominated the Golden State Warriors from the minute one to the final buzzer to win 119-79. The Utah Jazz have put themselves on a collision course with the Portland Trail Blazers for the 3 seed in the NBA playoffs and to be crowned the winner of the Northwest Division.

The win over the Golden State Warriors means the Utah Jazz will finish the season against the Golden State Warriors with three wins and only one loss. All three wins were won by 19 points or more.

Donovan Mitchell was absolutely amazing in this game. He controlled the game from beginning to end whether it was through his defense or moves that definitely do not look like they come from a rookie (or can they?). Donovan Mitchell made history as well tonight. He went 4 of 5 from three. With those four threes, Donovan Mitchell broke Damian Lillard’s rookie 3 point record. Now Donovan Mitchell sits atop that record. Donovan Mitchell finished with his 46th 20+ point game of the season. He had 22 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and 2 steals. Donovan Mitchell tied Larry Bird for 28th most 20+ point games for a rookie in the season. Amazing.

Golden State looks far from a team that’s ready for the playoffs. The only player who scored more than 13 points tonight was Klay Thompson with 23. Does anybody doubt that All-Stars can turn it on for the playoffs? No. But the Golden State Warriors look like they are going to be shaking off A LOT of rust. They look annoyed with each other. They don’t look like they like each other. When you see them across from Utah, it’s night and day difference. Did anyone expect the Warriors to go pedal to the metal tonight? No. They’re down Steph Curry and none of them wants to get hurt before going for yet another title run. But no one expected them to get blown out by 40 points against Utah. If you’re a Warriors’ fan ... you’re worried.

Derrick Favors was an absolute beast tonight. Favors bullied Green every possession he was out there. Favors finished with 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 1 block. He even was hitting from three hitting two out of three from beyond the arc. Rudy Gobert controlled the paint. Golden State couldn’t get anything inside and Zaza looked overmatched. Utah is the last team Golden State wants to see in the playoffs. Rudy Gobert finished with 13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 blocks.

One of the most amazing parts of this game was the +/-.

Joe Ingles - +32

Derrick Favors - +18

Rudy Gobert - +36

Donovan Mitchell - +37

Ricky Rubio - +36

Utah just absolutely crushed Golden State.

This now sets up a huge game in Portland. The Utah Jazz have a chance to rise from the 10th seed to the 3 seed. The implications are big. Utah can get the 3 seed and homecourt. They can win the Northwest Division the year after losing three of their top scorers. They can finish the season with 49 wins which would only be two less than what they finished with last year. In short, this is the ultimate comeback story. If this doesn’t get Quin Snyder a Coach of the Year trophy then nothing will.

This is the finale. THIS IS WHAT WE PLAY FOR.

The Utah Jazz will face off against the Portland Trail Blazers tomorrow night at 8:30PM MT on ESPN. The only thing that’s on the line is the three seed and the Northwest Division.

Game Notes

Donovan Mitchell showed up to the game wearing this. We are so blessed.

Donovan Mitchell also made this move on Draymond Green tonight. We are so so blessed.

Joe Ingles only had four points ... but he had 4 rebounds and 8 assists.

None of the Utah Jazz starters played more than 28 minutes. Can you say rest?

Dante Exum left the game with leg soreness late in the third quarter. With the game out of hand it most likely was precautionary.

Jonas Jerebko went 4-8 from beyond the arc.