Why I'm not scared of the Oklahoma City Thunder

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It's not you, it's me.

The Utah Jazz are not the same team we were in 2017. We've all read the stats, our net rating is off the charts since Gobert is back, our defense eats people alive, and Quin gameplans points out of a limited roster. The playoffs are physical, slow, and grinding AKA the playoffs are Jazz basketball. Also, anyone else notice that we've turned into a bunch of road warriors? I don't care about home-court advantage, we didn't need it last year, and we won't need it this year. Donovan Mitchell isn't scared of anything, and even though he's a rookie, we all know his good games outnumber the bad, and he only needs a couple of them to help us win a series.

Also does anyone else remember playoff Joe Ingles? I'm excited for that guy to come back. Last year against the clips Joe Ingles guarded the Point God, led the team in assists and made himself a menace in general in spite of poor shooting. This year, he's better, and I'm willing to bet the shots drop against OKC. Gobert wasn't healthy last playoffs either and he's going to shut them down.

Okay just kidding, it's definitely about you.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the same team they were in 2017. They've had good runs before, this last 5 game streak to end the season doesn't mean they've figured anything out. They're inconsistent, and way too dependent on a couple of guys. Also, those guys don't scare me. Russell Westbrook and Paul George both shot 38% from the field last playoffs, I don't care how many points they scored, if they're that inefficient against last year's Rockets in the playoffs, I have a hard time thinking they're going to shoot better against the #1 defense in the league this year. Also, Melo is more washed than my son's comfort blanket. They don't have the shooters to spread the court and go small, which is Gobert's only weakness on defense.

This team doesn't have a flip to switch, they're just not as good as their famous names make them seem. I'm not scared, my prediction is Jazz in 6.

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