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SLC Dunk welcomes Andrew D Bailey to the site

From Exum Island to Reckless Bogger.

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We started free agency a little early this year. As you might have already found out, Andrew “Andy” D Bailey is joining the Dunk as a writer—see? We can have an Andy, too. We couldn’t be happier to have his statistical view of basketball on the site. Andy went through a rigorous series of tests before being selected to join SLC Dunk, and he passed with flying colors. While the answer to all those tests might have been the same—*cough, cough* DANTE EXUM *cough, cough—we couldn’t be more excited to have him part of the blog.

If you haven’t heard of Andy Bailey before, Andy writes for Bleacher Report and will be lending his voice over here for Utah Jazz focused insights. He also had been a writer at If you’re not following Andy on Twitter, he’s a must follow for his patented STATS-thread. He’s also co-host of the Hardwood Knocks podcast.

Andy is going to school at Wyoming College of Law to become a lawyer. We regret to inform you that he won’t do pro-bono work. Trust us, we asked.

In the meantime, welcome to the reckless bogger blog, Andy.