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Utah Jazz crush the Los Angeles Clippers in decisive victory

The Jazz defense ends all hopes and dreams

The Utah Jazz led the Los Angeles Clippers from start to finish in one of their most dominant wins of the season. Rudy Gobert scored 15 points and grabbed 10 rebounds and was as dominant on defense as he’s ever been. There were times on the floor where the Clipper offense looked completely broken because of the inability to get any clean looks. Rudy Gobert is the defensive player of the year and there is no question.

Ricky Rubio looked great from the start scoring 9 points and going 3/5 from the field. He left the game with hamstring soreness and the Jazz can only hope that he comes back soon.

Donovan Mitchell was dazzling again. His three point shot wasn’t falling tonight but he still found ways to get to the line and score inside, including this incredible play.

Dante Exum looked even better tonight running the offense, getting assists and scoring at the rim. This block on Boban Marjanovic was absolutely bonkers.

The Jazz play next Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers and will hopefully clinch a playoff spot soon.

Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers: Post Game Reaction

Utah Jazz obliterate the Clippers

Posted by SLC Dunk on Thursday, April 5, 2018